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Decomposition Cleanup Services In South Florida

Dealing with Decomposition? Steri-Clean Southern Florida Will Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize So You Can Get Back to Normal

Death is always unexpected. But an unattended death -- in which someone passes away and is not found for days, weeks or even months -- catches you even more off-guard.


When this happens to you, you need to move quickly to make your space sanitary and livable again. That’s where Steri-Clean Southern Florida comes in.


After Unattended Death, Decomposition Begins Immediately. The Longer it Has Been, the More Cleaning May Be Needed


Unfortunately, the processes of decay and decomposer begin immediately after someone dies. Bacteria grow and move into their surroundings. Odors develop and become stronger with each passing day. Bodily fluids -- including blood, feces, urine and more -- will grow into very resistant stains that harbor extremely dangerous germs and potential disease. Sometimes, animals or insects may become attracted to the unattended scene, causing an even greater problem.


This is not a time to delay, and it’s not a time to attempt any of the clean-up yourself.

The emotional strain of discovering an unattended death and the sense of being overwhelmed may make you tempted to do “extreme cleaning.” For example, you may have the urge to throw away everything that you deem to be contaminated and to use a strong cleaning solution -- such as rubbing alcohol or bleach -- on the immediate area.


To do so would be highly dangerous and impractical. It would also leave you vulnerable to harmful illness or disease. Because while this type of cleanup may feel extreme to you, these measures would almost certainly be incomplete -- leaving behind toxic remainders from bodily decomposition.


Unattended death can create a “perfect storm” for extremely dangerous pathogens to develop and multiply. Further, the deceased’s body may contain harmful pathogens or diseases already, depending on the cause of death, the condition under which the death occurred and the time and environment in which the body remained after death.


Unless you know what to look for and have the proper diagnostic tools and training, it’s impossible to detect all the microscopic pathogens, the blood splatter and blood seepage into unexpected or hard-to-see places, and other dangerous factors.


Aside from that, of course, dealing with anything related to the body of a deceased person -- particularly if you knew or cared for the person -- is extremely emotionally taxing. You are dealing with enough right now mentally. Let us handle this for you.

Professional Decomposition Clean Up Today is an Investment
in Your Future

Steri-Clean Southern Florida is your best bet for the demanding and important job of decomposition clean-up after an unattended death. We use the strongest but safest available cleaning supplies, many of which may not be available to the general public. Our tools and techniques are state-of-the-art, and many of our methods are proprietary. We use extensive protective gear to prevent cross-contamination and to protect you, your property and our employees from any possible harm. Each of our technicians has been properly trained to know exactly how to handle each unique situation, no matter how complicated or demanding.


There are many reasons why it’s critically important to invest in proper decomposition cleanup following an unattended death.

The primary reason, of course, is your health and safety. You don’t want to take chances with bodily decay. You don’t want to expose yourself to any organisms or materials that are dangerous or potentially harmful.


Another thing to remember -- and which you might not be considering right now with everything else going on -- is that an unattended death may cause problems for you as a property owner in the future. When it comes time to sell, you will likely have to disclose that a death occurred in the property. Potential buyers will naturally ask what methods of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection were used. If you show that you arranged immediate and thorough cleaning and disinfection of the property, using a highly reputable company like Steri-Clean, that’s a tremendous plus. We will provide you with a certification of treatment, so you can prove to others that you took all necessary steps and measures.


In addition, if you do not engage a professional decomposition cleaner to assess and address whether your property is sanitary following an unattended death, and if disease-carrying bodily fluids seep into your property -- you could be held liable for other people getting sick later on.


Decomposition cleanup is a situation where it’s more than worth the cost to have trained and knowledgeable professionals handle this dangerous and unpleasant task.


Want to know more? Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find out how we can help with your decomposition clean-up needs. Keep in mind that depending on the situation, you may not have to pay a penny for clean-up services -- your insurance may cover all or part of the work.

Call Steri-Clean S. Florida Today!


Our toll free call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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