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Biohazard Cleanup Services in South Florida

When You’re Dealing with a Mess Containing Biohazards,
Don’t Take Chances. Steri-Clean is Southern Florida’s Most-Trusted Biohazard Cleaner

What is biohazard remediation?

You may know it by another name, like extreme cleanup or hazmat removal. You might hear it referred to by a more specific keyword, depending on the situation -- hoarding clean-up, crime scene cleaning, blood removal or something else. There are almost as many names for this type of cleaning as there are things to clean.


No matter what term you use, the important thing to remember about biohazard remediation is that it’s an important process that protects you from the threat of illness, injury and infectious diseases.


If you find yourself in need of biohazard removal, know that it’s something to take very seriously. When you choose a biohazard cleaner, you’re trusting that company with your health and safety.

Steri-Clean Southern Florida Provides Biohazard Remediation
for a Variety of Situations


The need for biohazard clean up can begin with an incident, or it can build up gradually over a period of time.

People call biohazard cleaners after homicides, suicides, accidents, chemical spills, unattended death, natural disasters, mass trauma and more. Or, biohazard remediation can be helpful in cases where some kind of behavior or issue has been present for years -- like hoarding or pest infestation.


Biohazard clean-up is more extensive, more involved and more dangerous than a regular cleaning job. It’s not simply maid service or waste removal. The people doing a biohazard cleaning have to be properly trained, and they must be very careful. The parameters of the job involve more than just decluttering and neatening things up -- biohazard cleaners also disinfect, dispose and detoxify.


Biohazard clean-up involves strict observation of relevant local, state and federal regulations and protocols. Cleaners must wear protective gear and observe proper on-the-job sanitation and disposal practices to ensure that everyone stays safe. Steri-Clean meets and exceeds applicable regulations and standards for preventing the spread of disease.

Attempting to Clean Blood, Bodily Fluids or Other Infectious Materials Yourself is Extremely Dangerous - Do Not Attempt the DIY Route

Biohazard remediation is about much more than meets the eye.


Yes, sometimes a job requires extensive scrubbing to remove stubborn stains. Sometimes treating a scene involves hauling away large, unwieldy or toxic items.


But one of the most important roles a biohazard cleaner performs is to remove all traces of harmful bacteria and pathogens -- even when none can be seen.  


Any time blood is spilled or waste leaves the body -- animal or human -- disease can spread. And those diseases can be very deadly. Some examples of particularly harmful diseases that are spread via bodily fluids are Hepatitis B and C, the H1N1 virus, Legionnaire’s or MRSA.


Further -- blood, feces and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) can cause odors and stains that may be extremely difficult to remove.


Do not be tempted to “do it yourself” with common cleaning materials.


Steri-Clean uses the strongest but safest available cleaning supplies, many of which may not be available to the general public. Our tools and techniques are state-of-the-art, and many of our methods are proprietary. Importantly, we use extensive protective gear to prevent cross-contamination and to protect you, your property and our employees from any possible harm. Each of our technicians has been properly trained to know exactly how to handle each unique situation, no matter how complicated or demanding.


Biohazard Clean-Up Ensures Your Physical and Mental Health. Call Steri-Clean for Assistance Today

People often require biohazard remediation after enduring a traumatic event.

We recognize how difficult this time is. No matter what day or hour you call us, we’ll be there to help you through this. When we arrive to your property, we’ll show up in discreet vehicles to protect your privacy. We get to work fast, so that you can get back to what matters -- living your life safely, peacefully, and without the unpleasantness of a potentially toxic mess.


Cleanup provides closure. Let us know how we can help.


Want to know more? Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find out how we can help with your biohazard clean-up needs. Keep in mind that depending on the situation, you may not have to pay a penny for clean-up services -- your insurance may cover all or part of the work.

We're proud to provide quality, caring and compassionate Biohazard Cleanup services in the entire South Florida area including Fort Lauderdale, MiamiWest Palm BeachBoca Raton, Hollywood, Miami Beach & Miami-Dade

Call Steri-Clean S. Florida Today!


Our toll free call center is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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