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Animal Waste Cleanup Services In South Florida

Our teams have over 25+ years of experience handling the cleanup of and disposal of various types of animal waste. Both rodents and animal waste can spread diseases and damage the interior of a home. This sort of soiled material can even penetrate the sub-flooring, requiring extensive subfloor removal. 

At Steri-Clean S. Florida we always take the necessary precautions; we use the state-of-the-art industrial equipment to ensure that the any environment with animal waste has been thoroughly cleared and disinfected. Hazardous animal waste comes from all types of pests, large and small. It can contain bacteria, disease-causing organisms and toxic gases. If not dealt with properly, animal waste can contribute to a wide range of human and environmental damage.


Additionally, we understand that different pests require a different approach. With rodents, for example, the area must be sealed off with active traps for one week. Once the traps are empty the infestation has been removed and the cleaning can begin. We always use industrial grade cleaning solutions to remove contamination.

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